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Certificate of Kashrus


Certificate Of Kashrus

Kosher Certificate

This is to certify that all products prepared by Breadberry (1686 60th Street, Brooklyn New York) and [all products where] our Kashrus Symbol appears on the packaging are under our Rabbinical Supervision and are strictly Kosher.

  • A Mashgiach Temidi is present in the store at all times
  • The repackaging of products in the store is under our supervision - namely that the products are under the supervision of the Hechsher that appears on their packaging.
  • Products bearing other Hechsher, are under the supervision of that Hechsher.

Certificate valid thru: Jun 1, 2016

Tarnopol Kashrus seal and signature

163 Parkville Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11230 T: 718-437-2007 E:

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